Dev / Engineer

University of Central Florida, 2011
  1. Languages
  2. English - native
  3. en Francais - limited working proficiency
  4. Hangul - basic knowledge
  5. Katakana - introductory knowledge
  6. Sanskrit - introductory knowledge
  1. Certificates
  2. Academic Listening - University of California, Irvine
  1. Certification
  2. Javascript (expert)
  3. JSON (expert)
  4. CSS (expert)
  1. Info
  2. birthplace: Seoul, ROK
  3. U.S. Citizen


I've been the lead developer at a portfolio site for artists - we were blogged about and published in The New Inquiry, Pooool, and here, here and here.

I've built products for companies like The New Yorker, Time, Money, People, Windows and Quaker at studios like Fell Swoop and Organic, and worked at Microsoft for Skype.

I've worked with non-profits like Kobi Academy to help raise funds for a school in Ethiopia, with Ambassadors for Sustained Health, building a landing site that raised $10,000 in a weekend for a health clinic in Kenya, and with Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Temple, designing and developing a custom content management system. I have also built the mobile application for the City of Houston's Health Department with e11 Group, where for two years I worked on a range of amazing projects for law firms and small businesses.

I've built the new content management system for the Architectural League of New York's online magazine, Urban Omnibus with Athletics (featured on siteinspire and 2019 honorary webby award winner), the cms and blog for Letters Journal, and the cms and blog for a Small Press distributor.

I've also worked for startups that helped Uber drivers save money and employees make good career decisions.

My resume is available here


I've created a magazine newsreader - state and society - and an almost successful cultural magazine - bedepressed. I've been making software for writers and bloggers - research, lines, board and other things.

Open Source

I am maintaining a list of open-source resources for english. I've built a host of open source projects, including javascript application frameworks, services for people, elements, data mapping, xhr, interactions, and inheritable scss + bem, among others - vanilla, low-level, no dependencies.


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